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Marine Civil Engineering


The Discharging of Rock to the seabed is the basis for underwater foundation work or for the protection of submarine cables,pipes and trenchfills.

The EM group has this capability and Deploys its specialised Tremie Barge which can Funnel rocks to the seabed with accuracies of up to 30m in depth. This specialised barge is fully equipped with advanced digital positioning systems for precise discharge and is controlled by the experienced operators on deck.

DB-II (Specialized rock Discharge Barge)

DB-II backfilling for trench pipe


Underwater compaction is a specialized way of solidifying foundations for the seabed after foundation rocks have been placed. With compaction, the sea bed foundation is then made denser and stable for the placement of civil structures such as caissons and underwater structures.

Our specialised crane barge “Narvi” fitted with a Vibro Tamper can exert forces of up to 105.3 tonnes and 16.8 Tonnes/m² to compact rock mounts to 30-40cm Below the Design Level.

Lifting of the Vibro Tamper

Narvi in Full View


Underwater Grading is a specialized process which levels out the sea bed for foundation works such as cassion placement etc.

East Marine with its specialized Self Elevating Platform (SEP01) is fitted with a special underwater grading system which travels along the seabed to level excess foundation aggregate.

Specially trained professional divers support this unique operation are essential to SEP 01’s workflow to ensure a smooth running operation.


3D Illustration of how SEP01 looks like underwater

Full view of SEP01

Complimented with a diving team for inspection and underwater precision work